Petr Spáčil - kovoobrábění - česky
About me
Ing. Petr Spacil - metalworking "Removed material - my added value"

I offer you machining of small and middle-sized parts, and designing, constructing and production of mechanical assemblies. My customers are for example producers of single-purpose machines and various prototypes, hobby CNC machine builders, modellers and many others. I'm specialized on single-piece or small-lot production of parts made especially of aluminium alloys, regardless of the complexity.

Take a look at my machine tools and products to determine whether I'm the right manufacturer for you.

My offer

Conventional turning
including all threads
diameter up to 320 mm, length up to 900 mm
Single-piece or small-lot CNC turning
with Asist 210×400 CNC
Mass production
of small simple turned parts up to ø16 mm
with that CNC lathe
CNC milling
CNC tool-room milling machine with both vertical and horizontal spindles
CNC drilling & milling machine
Conventional milling
with vertical machine
with horizontal machine

Drilling, boring, thread cutting

Machining with rotary table and divider

radius milling
accurate angle-pitch holes
slotted parts etc.

Dividing material with band saws,
shape and angle cut-offs
Core-save cut-off turning, curved drilling-off
other special methods of material-save dividing
Dividing aluminium plates
using manual circular saw (up to 10 mm thick)

Linear material dividing with disc-cutter

with horizontal milling machine (above 10 mm)
Combined operations
milling and boring of turned parts
turning of non-rotary and asymmetric parts

Manual and machine edge beveling

Single-piece key-slotting in pulleys

Materials I work with

All aluminium alloys, dural
also pieces cut with water jet, alu-castings
Construction steels, free-cutting steel
laser-cut pieces, weldments,
threaded rods, various semiproducts

Non-ferrous metals - brass, bronze, copper

All technical plastics
nylon, teflon, plexiglass, polycarbonate etc.
Composite materials
textite, pertinax, fiberglass, carbon
Grey cast iron, wood - only rarely

The accuracy
By default, I work with the accuracy of 0.05 mm. If necessary, I'm usually able to keep the accuracy of 0.01 mm. On the other hand, it is difficult to keep the accuracy under 0.2 mm for the dimensions above 500 mm. During the production process, I also take care about other parameters and tricky things such as squareness, angle precision, parallelism, roundness, centricity, unwanted conicalness, inner edge sharpness, surface quality etc. The goal is that the final part must always satisfy all the requirements for functionality, and also troublefree assembly, usage safety and appearance.

What I can't do

My technical equipment is not suitable for the following jobs. That's why I can't offer them as a standalone order. However, some of these jobs can be done as a partial task within a larger project. Providing subdeliveries (laser-cutting, anodizing) is only meaningful when combined with further work I can do for you.

Machining of stainless steel, titanium,
hardened and other materials difficult to machine
Flat and round grinding,
commercial tool sharpening
Producing cog-wheels

Polishing, sanding, anodizing
and other surface treatments
Hardening and other heat treatments

Welding, point welding

and other locksmith works

Bending metal sheets, rods, tubes,
punching, forming
Laser cutting from sheet metal
water-jet cutting
Precise measuring, calibrating, balancing,
material inspections a analysis